Yelp Reviews

This is one of my favorite places to grab a quick hot meal while I'm traveling on 95. It's right of the highway, and so easy to pop in for a tasty ready-made buffet. The naan is made to order so it's always hot and fresh. Plus the staff is warm and friendly and there are cute murals on the walls. Molly S.
Super impressed. Some of the best Indian/Pakistani food I've had in the area and the service was excellent. Shaun M.
So glad they're here, and so glad I finally tried it. No more trips to Arlington for good food. Brought the entire family, as we are big fans, yet picky of kabobs. Both kids (4 and 1) enjoyed the dishes and garlic naan. Service was good, quick and helpful. Can't beat the buffet, there's a good variety of main dishes (though we did order another spinach and potato)for meat eaters, probably not the best for vegetarians, however you also have the option to order from the menu. Will definitely be back! Holly W.
This place just continues to get better and better. The food here is always EXCELLENT, the place is ALWAYS super clean, and the staff is ALWAYS really friendly! Today I got takeout from the buffet and tried their pastries for the first time. OMG! The dessert was absolutely phenomenal!There was so much natural flavor (not the typical overly sugared-down dessert) in the desserts! I highly recommend this place to people who love QUALITY food! Vanessa L.